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Sign of the Sun is Located at: 22 Silver Street
Waterville, Maine

About Us

It is September of 1971. A guy with a degree in English literature opens a leather shop at 8 Silver Street in Waterville, Maine.

The journey here has been varied and circuitous: twenty years wandering the world as a Navy junior, college at the University of Rochester, a year in the balmy, colorful San Francisco of the late '60s, a year in the picture postcard perfection of Middlebury, Vermont, and now the rural perfection of a college town in Central Maine.

The shop busily produces belts, sandals, bags, vests and other important accessories for the growing alternative marketplace

Slowly the shop changes from a leather shop to a store, buying and selling all kinds of lifestyle goods. Clothing, jewelry and miscellanies gradually fill the store. In the first year, the shop occupied half of the store space (total 400 square feet), sharing it with a health food store. For year two, the shop took over the whole space as it grew. And grew. And grew. And outgrew.

In 1977, the store moved to 18 to 22 Silver Street, just half a block down the street. The new space was 6,500 square feet. The space was partitioned up so that the store had a retail area of 2,200 square feet. And it grew. And grew. And grew. And outgrew.

In 1994, the store took control of an adjoining space, adding an additional 4,500 square feet of space, which it rapidly filled.

Today, Sign of the Sun has a retail area of 7,000 square feet filled with a rich and interesting mixture of contemporary clothing, jewelry and miscellany for people of all ages and tastes. We have lots and lots of all kinds of good things.

But hey, don't believe me. Take a look at our Virtual Store Tour!. Check our Map for easy directions. Come down and see what we mean by Big and Cool .


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